ViaSat TV   Satellite TV Reception Installations and Repairs

We install and sale Satellite TV Antenna systems, from the small 40Cm Ku dish to the 4.5M C Band dish.

Our staff has a combined experience in the Satellite industry of over 90 years

we have been installing antennas in south east Queensland since 1994.

ViaSat TV offer a repair service to Satellite receivers of all make and models.

We also carry a wide rage of spare parts, powers supplies and reconditioned receivers.

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               Seven Quod Digital Modulator remodulating Foxtel to Digital TV                                             

Vast Satellite

Travelers satellite kit's from $650.00. For an extra $50.00 we will assemble the system for you, register the receiver and show you hands on how to setup and  find the satellite in less than five minutes

International & Christian TV Services  


C band Satellite Dish (2.4Mtr) full installation from $750.00


Spare parts

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  • Spare parts
  • Receiver repairs
  • Power supply repairs
  • Installation and design
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